Fluid colored  emulsion with ultra-light and refreshing texture.
Very easy to spread and with rapid absorption, ensure the maximum comfort, with immediately dry skin and uniform complexion.


  • It guarantee a wide spectrum protection from UVB –UVA radiation (Solar Philter with 50+ SPF, very high protection)
  • Prevents the outcome of burning, dark spot and solar erythema
  • Protect the skin from early cellular aging (Pro-Dna Complex®)
  • Moisturize, soothes and prevent from redness
  • Uniform the complexion
  • Fresh effect


  • Suitable for daily use: as base for make- up, in town and during sport activity
  • Suitable for all skin type
  • No glossy effect
  • The presence of sun filters can stain clothes.


Uniformly apply the product on interested area at least 30 minutes before sun exposure.


  • Water resistant
  • Non comedogenic
  • Parabens free
  • Dermatologically and Microbiologically Tested
  • Nickel, Cobalt, Chrome, Palladium and Mercury Tested*
  • Secure pack
  • Anti-sun erythema
*Less than five part per million each. Small quantities can be responsible of skin sensitization.

Available in pack 50 ml.