Antiwrinkle face serum with intensive action. Owing to the presence of the innovative Sodium DNA, it enhances the skin elasticity, effectively reducing the sign of time. Expression lines are reduced and flattened. The skin looks smooth, fresh, young and the face shape is newly outlined.


Young and elastic skin even at 40 years.


  • Fills the wrinkles, moisturizes and repairs the skin, giving back to the face a compact and smooth look (Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides)
  • •Reduces the wrinkles owing to its specific lifting action (Calmosensine ™ SP)
  • •It keeps the skin firm and elastic (Sodium DNA)
  • •Performs an anti-oxidizing action (Vitamin E)
  • •Increases the cell turnover (Lactobionic Acid)
  • •Increases the production of type-I collagen (Lupeol)


Apply on the areas concerned (it can also be used in the delicate area of eye contour) and, if you want to enhance its potentialities, tap lightly until complete absorption, avoiding prolonged massages.


For all skin types.


  • Dermatologically and Microbiologically Tested
  • Nickel, Cobalt, Chrome, Palladium and Mercury Tested*
  • Secure pack
  • Clinically tested
  • Colouring Free
  • Parabens Free
  • Hypoallergenic**
  • Wheat derivates free
  • Non comedogenic
*Each one lower than 1 part per million. Tiny quantities may cause skin sensitization.
**Product formulated to minimize the risk of allergy.

Available in pack 30 ml.